Nrotc Application Essay

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  • Published : April 24, 2011
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My background and experiences throughout my life have shaped the well-rounded person I am today, a person who aspires to become apart of something far greater than myself. My past experiences in life have helped me acquire traits such as courage, discipline, and intellect, principles that I will be applied throughout myself and further, being able to enhance the United States Navy. Training as a Naval Sea Cadet has taught me discipline. It has corrected, shaped, and perfected the mental abilities of my well-being. I have taken the most challenging courses my high school has to offer and I complete each task to the best of my being. In my school, I have a responsibility to help those in need. Living in a lower middle class family, I have never had the luxuries that other people have. I have had to work hard and save for those things I wanted in life. Because of that I am not ashamed, but quite the opposite, it has made me a better person, more focused and appreciative of the things I have. Maybe the simplest and toughest, but definitely the most essential thing a person can do is committing oneself to a goal. I am a devoted leader and student serving as president of the Associated Student Body at Chua Vista High school. Completing two years of Naval Sea Cadet Corps and 12 years of education have embedded many traits and principles in me. Responsibility is being held accountable for your actions it is an important trait to have. I am frequently refining my leadership skills and the Navy will be the perfect place to put the leadership talents into action. Given the chance, I know I can significantly improve the Navy with my remarkable leadership skills and ability to manage, adjust and overcome life's obstacles. I look forward to exercising my skills and broadening my talents in the United States Navy.
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