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The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) which was enacted by legislation passed on August 25, 2005 is an Indian job guarantee scheme. It has now been renamed as Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) since October 2, 2009. It provides a legal guarantee of hundred days of work at Rs.100 per day of work. Improvising the purchasing power of the people. It was started by the UPA government with the help of left parties. In 2006 it was started across 200 districts. By 2007, 330 districts were covered and all the 593 districts were covered by 2008. In Orissa starting 19 districts then 5 and then remaining. 1.2 Major Goals of NREGA:

* Protective- To provide assured income. Promotive- Engine of growth of the rural economy. Preventive- To prevent the risk of forced migration. Major advantages:-
* Complete abolition of the use of machines and contractors. * If government unable to provide work then they are entitled to a daily allowance. * One third workforce should be women.
* Also facilities such as crèche, shade and drinking water should be provided to the workers at the worksite. * Originally minimum wage was Rs. 60 which has now been increased to 100. * Another important advantage of this program is that as far as possible work should be provided within 5 kilometer radius of the village. * The silver lining is that the age old practice of extortion is finding it harder to survive. According to the government report around 100 % blocks have computer and 93% have broadband connectivity. Why Orissa was selected for this project? One reason was that as Orissa is the poorest state in India. Nearly 40% of the combines rural and urban population is below poverty line. Even within Orissa the southern and western regions are more poverty stricken as compared to the coastal areas. In the KBK region nearly 72% are BPL. The HDI is as low as 0.404. NREGA has an enormous importance for Orissa as it creates...
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