Now and Ago - Comparison & Contrast Essay

Topics: Ghost, English-language films, Christmas tree Pages: 2 (853 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Julie Volkoff
AP Comp/Lang per 2

Now And Ago
The door was rusty, and mold covered the ends of the wood. I remember when the locks were so full of light and the steel would glint from the seeping rays of the sun; while now it is too rusty to glint off anything, even if you held a flashlight up to it. The stairs used to be the perfect place to play, bits of memories were all that was left of them while remnants of ghosts haunted the crevices and echos of footsteps were all that remained. The house that used to be filled with memories of my happier childhood was now filled with haunting cracks of the walls and rodents that had scurried off the steps. Haunted echos of laughter fills my ears, but when I open my eyes to find the source, all I hear are the echos of my own footsteps, haunting the broken ground. Everyone has that one childhood home that stays in your memory no matter how much time passes. For me, there was only one house, lying on the bad side of LA, where I used to live. I remember the way the sun looked from my window on the second story up the stairs, while now the glass is chipped and cracked, causing it to be suicide to lean my face against it for a look down below as I used to do years prior in order to say goodnight to the moon. The room in which I used to stay, is haunted with the remnants of old books, burned to a crisp, leaving behind nothing but a few scraps of paper and a bit of the binding left. The bed in which I used to lay and read them is still there, but burn holes were everywhere so I wouldn't dare sit on it in worries that it might turn to ash and crumble with my touch. Ashes filled the individual rooms and covered the house in dust, old picture frames were burned and broken on the floor. I remember the pictures of happy children on the couch playing Nintendo all together, but that was all they were, memories, nothing of those pictures remained but the charcoal tinted paper that laid scattered on the ground. The couch left no...
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