Novotel Pacific Bay Resort

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Novotel Pacific Bay Resort
An economic enterprise operating at a local scale
Pacific Bay Resort is located on Charlesworth Bay, three kilometres north of Coffs Harbour on the north coast of NSW. It is located on the Pacific Highway and is about 7 hours from Sydney and 5 hours from Brisbane by car. It is about one and quarter hours by plane from Sydney.

There are many features that attract tourists to the region. Coffs Harbour is an established tourist centre in NSW, with the CSIRO rating it as having the best sub tropical climate in Australia. It is also one of only two places where the Great Diving Range touches the coast, making it an attractive setting with the green mountains a backdrop to the beaches along the coast. The location of the Solitary Island Marine Park off the coast also makes Coffs Harbour an enticing and different tourist destination. As well, there are national parks to the west of Coffs Harbour, at Dorrigo, giving the tourist a chance to visit rainforest areas.

The tourist industry is ultimately located according to the spatial distribution of attractions and access to them, which is largely determined by environmental factors. Coffs Harbour is a prime established tourist region. Natural attractions of the region include the beaches and the nearby mountains and the Solitary Island Marine Park, with its deep-sea fishing, scuba diving and whale watching. Built attractions are Big Banana, Pet Porpoise Pool and an ever increasing number of "thrill" type tours such as white water rafting, paragliding and four wheel drive tours.

Coffs Harbour is regarded as a destination that can be promoted as a "weekend escape", with people arriving on Friday night by plane and returning to Sydney on Sunday afternoon. The region is heavily promoted in all areas of the media, both by private businesses as well as the government sponsored tourist organisations.

Additionally, factors influencing the location of Pacific Bay Resort at Coffs Harbour are A strong market as the result of Coffs Harbour being a popular tourist destination Existing infrastructure (highway, airport, harbour)

A trained labour force

The nature of the economic enterprise
Pacific Bay Resort was completed in 1991. However, the owners didn't have the money to operate the resort so employed a workforce of eight people to maintain it until 1996 when it was bought by Thakral Holdings. Although owned by Thakral Holdings, the French multinational company, Accor, manages Pacific Bay Resort. Accor manages a wide range of hotel / motel / resorts throughout Australia, including brand names such as Ibis, Formule 1, Mercure, Novotel, Sofitel, and All Seasons Premier. These facilities range from the most basic of accommodation (Formule 1) to the top of the range in Sofitel. So, Pacific Bay Resort does not operate as a discrete entity or as part of an Australian based organisation. Instead, they are part of a global organisation. Decision making processes are highly centralised and operate within the framework of the company's global corporate strategy. Accor has been quick to respond to changing patterns of consumption within the tourist industry. It targets emerging tourism destinations, while strengthening its presence in established markets. This latter pattern is particularly evident in Coffs Harbour, where Accor now has the full range of accommodation options (in terms of budget to luxury) well covered by their motels and resorts. This means form Formule 1 to Novotel Pacific Bay Resort. It has also been recently announced that Accor is moving into the backpacker market where they see a positive future.

Pacific Bay Resort is a four and a half star resort and is at the top end of the market in Coffs Harbour. It has a total of 180 rooms, including 90 standard hotel rooms, 90 one/two bedroom spa suites and a range of penthouses, including the top of the range three-bedroom luxury penthouse. A total of 700 people can...
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