Novels: A Potential Tool to Change a Person's Life

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Evaluation Essay

Novels have the potential to change a person's life. The words on the paper that bring life to fantasies and tales from history alike have influenced teenagers and adults alike from how to talk, to heightening their sense of imagination. Too, when a reader can relate to a book, it really helps them to connect to the character and feel like they're living in that fantasy. The Book Thief, Obasan and The Kite Runner are examples of novels that were studied during my high school years, One of my personal favourites was The Book Thief, our grade ten English novel. This book is written for young teens and it has a very unique style. Narrated by Death, the book shows an interesting perspective and relates to high school studies of those who lived through the reign of Hitler and World War II-the terror and suffering they were made to endure. It is very interesting for the audience, and deals with many aspects from that period of History. The added suspense makes the book a little difficult to follow at times, but overallThe Book Thief was a well received and criticized novel, very sadly but beautifully written. The story is told from the point of view of someone who is not biased-they don't preach to us about whether the German's or allies were the good or bad people. It simply shows the devastation of the war. It was a troubling time, written with interesting characters, sharing good moral values and fantastically written. It also reminds of how powerful our words are, and how easily they can heal or destroy, depending on how we use them. Another favourite was Obasan. Written about the Second World War as well as how her life was changed after the events of pearl harbour. The book itself is a bit of a roller coaster, it has it's ups and downs but in the end it's wrapped up nicely and worth the read. It is a little harder to follow, but keeps the audience captivated by the story of this young girl and it's realistic relation to the events of the...
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