Novel: Swallow the Air by Tara June

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Belonging is essentially a perspective represented to express a variety of ways in which one can associate within society and themselves. The novel “Swallow the Air” by Tara June Winch, the short story extract “Scan” by Manifesto and the poem “Originally” by Carol Ann Duffy are all influenced by the different perspectives through exploring and reflecting upon the meaning that the composers have conveyed. I have viewed vast range of representations of belonging and the use of different forms and features help communicate XXX. Within these texts explored through the way strong relationships create positive perspectives that help mask negative experiences of belonging. Swallow the Air explores perspectives and ideas of belonging regarding a true understanding of their sense of self and the world around them. Winch creates a loss of belonging throughout the chapter “Swallow the Air” when one of the most impactful experiences May has occurs, the loss of her mother. The metaphoric description “She wore worry on her wrists” indicates how gloomy and miserable the mother was and how she chose not to belong in society any longer and committed suicide. Developing a negative experience on May and how she feels like she’s lost all sense of belonging to her in society. In the chapter “The block” May meets Joyce she feels a sudden connection because she welcomed her as one of her own family which is shown in the line “watcha doin up ere anyway, May Gibson? Get down ere and talk to ya aunty girl…” Another paragraph from the middle of the text

Then a paragraph about the last chapter
The short story extract “Scan” is related to Swallow the Air through different perspectives of belonging to themselves and not belonging to the world around them. Scan represents a persona who tries to make relationships with other people in order to belong even though his exclusion and difference positions him to not belong. “Beep Beep Beep. Target sighted.” This technical Jargon is used to...
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