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In the novel, Winter of the Ice Wizard by Mary Pope Osborne, the main characters are Jack and Annie.The story takes place in Christmas in Frog Creek Woods. Actually, it is a story about adventure, so the real story takes place in the Land where the northern seal people live. Jack and Annie are siblings. They are teenagers. They have plain faces. They like to go on adventure. They do some adventure job for an enchanter Merlin. In my opinion, they are nice, don’t think they have any problems. Jack and Annie don’t change throughout the book, because they do not have to. They are always positive and willing to help people. They do not do things wrong and I love them because their kindness. That is why I think they are good. The story was about the winter of the ice wizard who lost his sister after they fought with each other, and he became cooler and unhappy. He exchanged one of his eyes to become wisdom, but he didn’t become more wisdom. So he asked Jack and Annie to get his eye back. Jack and Annie had to help him because he caught Merlin. Jack and Annie had Teddy and Kathleen together as well. They went on an adventure to find the eye of the ice wizard. They found out that the ice wizard was unhappy just before he lost his sister. After Jack and Annie took back his eye, Teddy and Kathleen took back his sister. Everything became better again. The theme was that treat the people who around you better and do everything by heart. After that you will finally achieve your goal. I think the author was successful in getting the message across. Because I learn how to treat my family and my friends well from the novel. I like the part of the novel which shows how Jack and Annie think of each other and how they overcome all the difficulties with Teddy and Kathleen most. They show a great teamwork. They went to find the eye together and tried to find out the real reason together. This novel made me decide that be a nice person who always prepared to help others....
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