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This part of the research project is an opportunity to focus your thinking about your topic and thesis. Using the techniques we’ve discussed in class (such as brainstorming and freewriting), develop a draft research question and thesis that will help guide your research in the forthcoming stage of the project. You may wish to do that brainstorming around textual elements we have discussed in class–setting, plot, character, diction etc.– or look at how critical contexts such as postcolonial theory, postmodernism, the Gothic, or other movements can inform a reading of the text(s) you have chosen to work with. You may fill in this sheet or simply (and potentially more neatly!) print on another sheet with name etc. included. Your proposal has four parts:

i) Draft research question --this is a working draft, not necessarily the exact one you will treat in your paper (1 marks):

ii) Draft thesis statement in response to this question--again, a working draft (2 marks):

iii) Working title (1 mark)-- must be more than a statement of topic

iv) Three potential sources (i.e. scholarly journal articles books/book chapters etc.). List them in proper MLA citational format. For each one, add a sentence in which you summarize the gist of the text and suggest why it might be useful to answering your research question (or how you might be positioning your own critical reading in light of this text). (6 marks for suitability of source and clarity of your summary)



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