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  • Published : October 5, 2012
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novartQ.1] Novartis used simulation techniques as part of its training program for frontline managers. What was the need for this program and what were the benefits derived from it?


According to the case study ,The simulation techniques used in the company helped the frontline managers to improve their marketing and sales skills. As frontline sales managers were responsible for handling the sales representatives and take important decisions like targeting customers, time management, allocation of resources. These simulation packages proved to be successful in terms of improving the marketing skills and selling skills of the sales managers and thus helped the sales managers to provide the same training to the sales representatives for developing their selling skills. The training also proved to be beneficial as the Sales targets were achieved. The sales representatives got motivated and started performing achieved the targets

2 .Novartis conducted regular performance appraisals to measure the performance of its sales representatives. How did these appraisals help the organization? What are the hurdles in the way of a good performance appraisal?


Novartis followed a review system where a performance review of salespersons was conducted throughout the year on both formal and informal basis. Performance appraisal provide performance feedback to the employee.employee can come to know about their job related strengths and weakness.such feedback enables the employee to correct their weakness and improve .Formal review was conducted on yearly basis and informal review was conducted periodically. This review helped the sales managers to monitor the sales representatives performances. The sales reports , requisition orders and customer information were the tools that aided the sales manager in measuring the performance of the sales representatives.

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