Nouveau Event Planning

Topics: Wedding, Competition, Marriage Pages: 4 (926 words) Published: March 4, 2013

Competitor Threat
Campana is currently facing threat from existing competitors and new entrants. The threat of substitution is high when the competitor, Odyssey, can offer a similar or lower price-performance than Nouveau Planning. Although Nouveau Planning operates within a mature market, the lack of barrier can force Nouveau to lose its exhibitors to other entrants. Rivalry among existing competitors occurred due to the undifferentiated product and low switching costs. Nouveau Planning should approach competitive threat without losing any value in the market and involving any price competition.

Clarified Target Audience

In full capacity, the event is currently running with 200 exhibitors and fashion shows. Campana has been running very successfully with many supportive exhibitors. However, the number of participants has shown a decrease of nearly 100 brides over????. Campana needs to analyze the bride segments and determine the segment that will help her target them in the competitive environment. Focusing on the objective of the event could ensure that the proper audience will be identified.

Possible external cause of decrease in bride attendance

According to Windsor Census of 2006, the majority of age group which is under the age of nineteen represents 25% the entire population. [1] Controversially, the average age of the first-time brides is 26, the first-time grooms is 28.[2] Aged 25-34, 11% of the Windsor population, are the group that is most likely to get married. Due to external factors of changes in the trends, Campana has lack of control over the decrease in the marriage certificate issued. Furthermore, Couples are waiting longer to get married. A couple takes up time to save money for their wedding and honeymoon which have the cost of $5,287 and $23,000 on average respectively.

Confusion created??? between Odyssey and Nouveau Planning

In addition to the threat of new entrants, Odyssey’s promotional strategy could harm...
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