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Nourish Business Letter

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Nourish Business Letter

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To: Mr. Important Manager
From: YiChen Zhang
Date: 2011/11/13
Subject: Potential Analysis of Nourish

Here is an analysis of Nourish as the newly launching product to address the growing issue of hunger in Canada and abroad. The Nourish is created by Campbell Canada for the corporate social responsibility initiative. To Campbell Canada, there are both advantages and disadvantages for this initiative. To the stakeholders of Campbell Canada, the initiative has huge impact on them.

Although Campbell Canada may benefit from this initiative, we cannot deny the huge contribution of this initiative to society. The percentage of usage of food bank in Canada is up to 28%. Campbell Canada is launching Nourish with an initial donation of 100,000 cans to Food Bank Canada. This donation actually helps alleviating the growing hunger in Canada and abroad. And the company will also continue explore opportunities to make Nourish more widely available in those in need. Also, the multiple nourishment of Nourish also supports the full nutrition need of a normal human body. The Nourish delivers vegetables, fibre and at least 18g of protein, “it designed to be reliable and appealing food source for those who prosper those in need at food banks and those impacted by disaster situation abroad”. The Campbell Canada as whole will benefit from this initiative for its reputation. The Campbell Canada will gain loyalties from customers because of the feelings of social responsibility. Customers will, therefore, buy products from Campbell Canada no matter what the products aim to. So Campbell Canada, in general, has a lot of advantages in launching this initiative.

Although it is a generous thing to donate, it might also bring whole bunch of disadvantages to Campbell Canada’s. As it said by Philip Donne, the president of Campbell Canada’s, “when a corporation engages publicly in addressing social issues it will attract responses from additional stakeholders-and they must be...

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