Nouns Lesson Pland for 2nd Grade

Topics: Education, Verb, Teacher Pages: 4 (1473 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Chelsea Blomquist#5
Direct Teach Outline

Grade: Second
Language Arts Skill: Nouns
Objectives: The learner will identify nouns, by circling from a word bank, and use them in sentences on a worksheet with 85% accuracy. TEKS: (17) Writing/grammar/usage. The student composes meaningful texts applying knowledge of grammar and usage. The student is expected to: (A) use singular and plural forms of regular nouns

Purpose: Students need to be able to use and identify nouns because they are part of their everyday written and verbal speech. Materials: index cards, worksheets, pencils, BrainPop video on nouns Setup/Management Strategies- Create index cards for Quiz-Quiz-Trade game before class. Ask for volunteers to review proper video watching manners as well as proper listening skills(criss-cross apple sauce, hands and feet to yourself, eyes on the screen and there should be no talking. Teacher will use the attention getter that the students respond best to everyday in the classroom. ( example: Duh-Duh-Duh-Duh-Duh—Duh- Duh) Introduction/ Anticipatory Set- Students will gather around the computer to watch a video on nouns. Tell them that the will be learning what a noun is and how they use them in every day speech. Also mention to them that they will be asked questions to check for understanding once the video has finished. Model/Explain- 1) Give definition (person, place, thing) and examples(boy, school, paper) of a noun. 2) Write short and simple sentences on the board/overhead and identify the nouns by circling them. 3) Ask for volunteers to raise their hand identify the noun in each of the sentences. Wait for majority of the class to be raising their hand to be sure everyone is staying on track. If there are a few students not raising their hands still, offer suggestions like “remember a noun is a person, place, or a thing” or “a noun is something you can physically touch”. 4) Allow the volunteer chosen to come up to the board and circle the...
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