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NOUNS (名词)

Common and Proper Nouns (普通名词和专有名词)

名词可以分为专有名词(Proper Nouns)和普通名词 (Common Nouns)。 专有名词是某(些)人,地方,机构等专有的名称。 普通名词是一类人或东西或是一个抽象概念的名词。普通名词又可分为下面四类:         1)个体名词(Individual Nouns):表示某类人或东西中的个体,如:gun。 2)集体名词(Collective Nouns):表示若干个个体组成的集合体,如:family。 3)物质名词(Material Nouns):表示无法分为个体的实物,如:air。 4)抽象名词(Abstract Nouns):表示动作、状态、品质、感情等抽象概念,如:work。

个体名词和集体名词可以用数目来计算,称为可数名词(Countable Nouns)。 物质名词和抽象名词一般无法用数目计算,称为不可数名词(Uncountable Nouns)。 归纳一下,名词的分类可以下图表示: 名词 专有名词


Proper Nouns
普通名词 个体名词 可数名词

Common Nouns

Individual Nouns

Countable Nouns

Collective Nouns
物质名词 不可数名词

Material Nouns

Uncountable Nouns

Abstract Nouns

A common noun is a word that refer to a person, thing, place or an animal. 普通名词是代表人,东西,地方或动物的词。 Person 人 Thing 东西 Place 地方 Animal 动物

teacher, boy, mother spoon, telephone, ruler market, church, canteen camel, rabbit, bird

A proper noun is the special name given to a person, thing, place or an animal. 专有名词是一个人,东西,地方或动物专有的名称。

Person 人 Thing 东西 Place 地方 Animal 动物

Jackie, Mr Chan Hock Lee Proton Waja, Milo Mount Kinabalu, Jalan Ipoh Sang Kancil, Donald Duck

We use a capital letter for the first letter of proper nouns. 专有名词的第一个字母必须大写。

Exercise 1 Mrs Liew Mickey Mouse bridge Common Noun Proper Noun

Group the nouns correctly. newspaper spinach driver Nokia computer Ramasamy Sungai Pahang SJK(C) Chin Wu panda

newspaper, spinach, computer, bridge, driver, panda Mrs Liew, Mickey Mouse , Nokia, Ramasamy, Sungai Pahang, SJK(C) Chin Wu

Exercise 2 Circle the common nouns in the sentences below. 1. Muthu rides his bicycle to school every day. 2. Lilian visited the orphanage last Saturday. 3. David and Sam like playing badminton on the field. 4. A frog eats insects like mosquitoes and flies. 5. Buddhists go to the temple to pray. 6. My uncle is an accountant. 7. Meng Hui fell asleep on the sofa when she was reading a book. 8. Can you help me to carry this box? Exercise 3 Circle the proper...
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