Notting Hill

Topics: Romantic comedy film, Film, Love Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: May 20, 2013

Notting Hill is one of the few romantic comedies I enjoyed watching. It’s quirky, light and full of wit. The movie itself will bring you into a world where happily ever after happens, a fairy tale for those die hard romantics. I know it’s unusual for something like this to happen in real life but it would make you wish you were one of the characters in the film. I really liked the conversations the characters have and the language they used. Like other rom-com films, this story is also based on a man falling in love with a woman or vice versa, but they had a twist in the story wherein the woman was a well-known movie star while the man was just an ordinary bookstore owner in Notting Hill. But when fate entwined both their separate lives they knew that at the time they met at Will’s bookstore, they both won’t forget each other anymore. That unexpected encounter forever changed their lives.

The most painful part of the story was when Anna faced Will in his bookstore and confessed her love for him. I was so touched by how she said it, the words she used, and the emotions she showed. Of course, I cannot blame Will for rejecting her because he knew that he’d been hurt before and he does not want to suffer such things again. I was enthralled with the plot of events in this film and was swayed by the love William has for Anna.
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