Notre Dame Outline

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Camilo Garcia
French II
Mr. Perez
September 10, 2012
Les Églises de Paris – Notre Dame
* Paris is the capital of France. And yet, it is much more. It is the home of Notre Dame Cathedral * A very famous tourist attraction.
* Over 13 million people visit it a year
* Maurice de Sully, bishop of París, wanted to build a cathedral church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Construction began in 1163 Why it was built
* On 12 October 1160, Maurice de Sully was elected bishop of Paris. * He was bishop of Paris from 1160 to 1196.
* He wanted to build a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary * It was built on top of a former roman temple to Jupiter Construction of Notre Dame
* 12th and early 13th century
* Construction began under the reign of King Louis VII
* Pope at the time was pope Alexander the III.
* 1163-1182 construction of the choir
* 1182-1190 construction of the last three bays in the nave * 1190-1225 edification of the façade courses and the first two bays in the nave * 1225-1250 : upper gallery and two towers on the façade, modification and expansion of the upper windows and fitting out the nave side chapels  * 13th and early 14th century

* Expansion of the transept arms: North counter-brace (Cloister Portal and North Rose Window) and South counter-brace (Saint-Etienne Portal and South Rose Window). * Construction of the choir chapels and the apse between the buttresses. * Installation of the large flying buttresses in the choir * Erection of the tribune and a historiated one screen around the choir and the sanctuary * Modifications in the 17th and 18th century

* Refurbishment of the sanctuary and the choir, led by Robert de Cotte, to fulfil the vow of Louis XIII. * Restoration of the South Rose Window.
* Replacement of the 12th and 13th century stained glass windows with white windows in the mid-18th century by the Le Vieil brothers. * Architectural work...
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