Notice of Defamation

Topics: Abuse, Pleading, Cause of action Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Dated: To, Sonia Bawa Sipra

R/o D-102 Defence Colon, New Delhi


SUB: Notice for Malicious Prosecution and Defamation
Under the authority and instructions on behalf of my client, Pradeep Khandelwal, presently resident of AM-141, Shalimar Bag Delhi-110088, hereinafter referred to as my client, I issue you the following legal notice the circumstances necessitating are as under- 1. That my client was inducted as tenant in respect of the IInd Floor “barsati” premises in property bearing no. D-102, Defence Colony, New Delhi. The said premise was let out by your father to my client in December 2006. That my client since then till February 2012 had been living in the said premises as tenant and was regularly paying the agreed rent and other charges for the said premises regularly to the landlord and till his demise and thereafter to his widow Shrimati Pushpa Devi.

2. That after the demise of Shrimati Pushpa Devi, your mother, the above addressee, you were collecting the rent and other charges of the said premises while there were the property disputes with regard to its inheritance between you and your brother who is presently living in the USA.
3. That you used to call my client to the second Floor for consulting your family problems and when my client provided all sorts of such assistances at times of need. You always insisted my client to stay on ground floor during most of the day time. That my client use to spent entire day time available with him in the ground floor and going to the tenanted premises in the ‘Barsati’ Floor only during nights while continuing to use the same for his residence and other use to suit his own convenience.

4. That with the passage of...
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