Nothing Wrong with Cinderella

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  • Published : September 28, 2010
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Nothing wrong with Cinderella
In “What’s Wrong with Cinderella”, the writer raised various issues and concerns regarding the physical and mental impact brought upon the younger generations by princess-themed toys. The writer, Peggy Orenstein, is a self-proclaimed feminist who writes for New York Times and many other prominent publications. The writer claims that the princess-themed commercial products have distressing effects in shaping young female generations’ outlooks as well as their personalities. However, in my opinion, the reality is not as worrying as she claims. These princess-themed products are merely the young generations’ domestic playmates at the very young age. As the children grow older and become more involved with their social environment, their interests shift quickly and generally such playmates are left behind and no long have a significant role in their lives, that is, if they ever had an important role at all. Thus, I find the issues raised in this article generally irrelevant in today’s world context and instead, the child’s family and social environment should play a much more significant role in their lives.

Social, school and peer environments are the main factors contributing to the development of females’ personalities and outlooks. As compared to these factors, the effects of princess-themed products seem to be insignificant. Even the writer herself ponders: “Or maybe it is even less complex than that: to mangle Freud, maybe a princess is sometimes just a princess”(para. 11) . By experience, almost everyone had their toys in some form at the very young age. However, few, if at all, still keep their toys as they reach young adulthood. (except for professional and recreational toy collectors and traders) The child becomes preoccupied with school, their peers and family matters. Their school and peer environments are the deciding factors to their outlooks and characters at this stage. As mentioned in the text “in a survey...
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