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Fieldwork and Internship:
Theory Construction for the Hospitality Industries
1st Individual Assignment

Identifying an Independent Variable and its Impact on Performance Outcome


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The primary purpose of this research is to suggest hypotheses concerning the relationships between cultural diversity and job satisfaction within the hotel industry in general. It is very common to have people of different colors working together in the hotel industry. Issues concerning cultural diversity then arise: Teammates of employees from another culture may feel uncomfortable, triggering some unfavorable act- ions; Employees of minority may group together to protect themselves, creating a hostile working environ- ment. All these will affect the team performance and even the organization as a whole. However, as taught in the courses of human resources management and organizational behavior, diversity can be a tool to increase performance within an organization (Henderson, 1988). This significant contradiction suggests that cultural diversity may affect a variable leading to the variation in organizational performance. This variable is job satisfaction, the dependent variable of this research. Interestingly enough, in the research papers and dissertations regarding this topic, scholars tend to support the view that there is no relationship between cultural diversity and job satisfaction (Campbell, 2009 & 2011; Longhi, 2011). Nevertheless, I hold the opposite view. Due to the effect of social structure on our psychology and perception of the environment (Goodman, 2001), cultural diversity in an organization should count for the job satisfaction, which is one’s perception over the job. Apart from the viewpoint toward the null hypothesis proposed by the scholars in the past, the back- ground of the studies and the definition of ‘Cultural Diversity’ are different from the premise of my suggested hypothesis. The writers might try to reveal if there is any collective behavior or attitude within a particular group of people with similar characteristics such as race and pick a specific segment like luxury resorts (Campbell, 2009) or a specific country like England as the stage of research (Longhi, 2011). Besides, the hypotheses for my work are indeed using the degree of cultural diversity within the organization as a parameter to determine the effect over job satisfaction of the employee. As the worldwide customer end of hotel industry, it is even more important to understand the cultural diversity issue in this industry because matching the diversity in parts of its own workforce is a way of gaining access to and legitimacy with those markets and constituent groups (Ely & Thomas, 2001). Research Question

Job Satisfaction
Job Satisfaction
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