Nothing Said Poem Analysis

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Poem analysis

Nothing Said by: Brenda Agard

1. The poem is about people who have lost family members, brothers and sisters for example.

2. The poem is written in the 2nd person plural. You hear the voice of the people who are protesting about the fact that they have lost their family members. The writer could also be one of the protesters or marchers.

3. Well in the beginning it says what the situation is of the people and what happened. After that the writer tells what they want and what they feel.

4. No there is no irony, there may be some satire because the people are angry at the people who murdered their children. The idea is that the pain doesn’t go away whatever they do.e

5. The tone of the writers voice is angry and mad. Also little bit sad sometimes.

6. The images the poem creates are the fierceness and the angry of the people and how they are protesting and marching through the streets.

7. There are not a lot of examples given in the poem only the brothers and sisters dying. Well it contributes to the text because it’s sad that they are killed.

8. The language and word choice perfectly fits this sort of poem. The language create a sad but also angry sphere while reading the poem.

9. The details are well structured and chosen.

10. Yes I think they do complement each other. The messages the writer wants to tell and the way it is written doesn’t make the poem different from then it actually is.
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