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A hostel is a place where usually travellers and students live and which is supervised by an administration. You can call it as an inn as well. So living in those hostels is called the hostel life. You want to know about its advantages and disadvantages. In fact, as you know very well that everything has some good points and some negatives in it. The same situation is with the life of a hostel. Especially it has positive points for the students. Now first of all we discuss the positive points. The advantages of living in hostels are very prominent. A person who is living in a hostel he can study with full concentration. He does not need to perform the necessary house hold tasks daily. He usually does not prepare food for himself. He will also learn to trust on himself because he has to do all of his personal work by himself. And that makes a person confident and courageous. there are always some disadvantages of hostel life. A person who is living in a hostel he is not close to his family. And at times he would miss his family. If he gets ill, he would really miss his loved ones to be there for him. There is always a feeling of loneliness to the person living in a hostel.

“ Far From Home, A Home.”
The Name Of This Place Is Hostel. There Is No Facility Of Higher Education In Villages, So Youngsters Have To Come To Cities For Higher Education And They Have To Live In Hostel. Hostel Life Is Very Interesting. It Is The Combination Of Sadness And Pleasure. It Is Not Very Easy To Live Far From Our Family But We Have To Live There For Making Our Future Bright. Hostel Is A Place Like Home Where Girls Or Boys Live Together. We Learn Many New Things In Hostel. It Is A Good Place Of Learning. In Hostel We Have To Make Our Bed. Wash Clothes Ourselves. We Have To Share Our Room. Our Bed, Our Things Also. Hostel Life Teaches Us Tolerance. In Hostel We Share Our Personal Ideas With One Another. It Is The Place Where We Meet Girls And Boys From...
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