Nothing Gold Can Stay-Analysis

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Sharona Amrani

Introduction to Poetry

"Nothing Gold Can Stay"-Robert Frost

Robert Frost in his nature poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" is using a great deal of figurative language in order to send a tender yet heartbreaking message that beauty and youth are only temporary. Everything good has its end. Moreover, when we have it, we don't really appreciate it. It isn't until it is gone that we long to have it back. We can enjoy beauty and youth for only a short period of time and we want to hold on to it yet it slips through our fingers.

The speaker in the poem expresses sadness when he watches metaphorically how all the beauty of nature fades away. He treasures youth like people treasure gold; something that has a great deal of value. Not only is he grieving over the death of youth but also over the short time in which it exists. This may indicate that the speaker is not a young man.

The title of the poem is metaphorical. Gold represents the things in our lives that have a great value; that are precious to us. Unfortunately they are not here to stay, they can't last forever. In the first line there is a metaphor since green can't be gold: Frost captures the feel of seeing nature's green sprouting from the Earth as gold. Gold is something we treasure something that have great importance to us. We treasure the beauty of the blossom. This blossom is a metaphor for youth that remains only briefly. In lines 2 and 3 Frost uses Personification when he refers to nature as a woman trying to hold on to her initial beauty. Nature can keep a flower blooming, but only for a short period of time until it subsides and the leaves die so can a woman keep her youth and beauty for only a short period of time.

In line 6 Frost uses personification when he describes the Bible story of Eden with its great promise for eternal life and long lasting youth, the sin and as a result the punishment from God and the grief of mankind.

In line 7 Frost uses visual imagery...
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