Nothing but the Truth

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  • Published : January 24, 2011
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Nothing But the Truth
Title: The October Book Report
                       Sam Wasserman First Paragraph (Introduction)                          1. Introduce book and author.                    2. Give a BRIEF summary of the plot.                 3. Explain how Avi wrote it and why.          

YOUR SENTENCES (The final number is up to you in each paragraph.) 1. Nothing But The Truth, by Avi is a spectacular novel in every aspect. 2. This novel isn’t a traditional book; its written with dialogue and primary source documents. 3. The character in this narrative really comes alive in different parts of the story and the characters could be in our class room at the very moment. 4. For example, when Philip hummed along to the National Anthem, he could be here this morning when we say “I pledge my allegiance to the USA….: 5. When Philip is transferred to his least favorite teacher’s homeroom, everything goes wrong, starting with Miss Narwin, the English teacher. 6. When Philip used to hum along in his other classroom, nobody cared, but Ms. Narwin does so Philip has to get suspended. 7. She says that because the Vice Principle says that students aren’t allowed to hum or sing along so Philip tells a reporter and in the end he doesn’t know the last line. 8. The rest of the book shows the struggle and difficulties of Philip and Miss Narwin. Check List:

I have connected every sentence except the first one to one before it. _____ I have not used words repetitiously. ______
I have written a brief general summary of the plot of the novel. _____ I have explained in what manner the story was written and why. _____ I have not used the pronouns I or you. _____
When I read my sentences aloud they sounded natural. ______
I have not shifted tenses incorrectly. ______
Second Paragraph                                                                         1.  Who is the most sympathetic character?    
2.  Explain your reasoning.
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