Nothing Brings More Pain than Too Much Pleasure: Benjamin Franklin

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Gerardo Gamino
Ms. Hoffman
AP English Language
15, February 2013
Nothing Brings More Pain than Too Much Pleasure
Benjamin Franklin argues that an overly excessive amount of something good is bad. I firmly agree with Franklin’s claim, and have seen the justification of this concept in American society, history, literature, and my own personal experiences.

American society is notorious for the advocation of excess wealth and pleasure and the unanimous goal of expanding knowledge and possession. Franklin’s argument applies to American society through the lives of its people. Jimi Hendrix, an undisputed Rock legend and master guitarist quickly arose to fame after his initial debut. Hendrix yearned to become famous and make an impact in music, ultimately giving him pleasure. He immediately skyrocketed to the top of music charts during his time period and became an idol for thousands of crazed fans. Through his success and musical talent, Hendrix felt growing urges for more pleasure. However, because of his pursuit of more pleasure, Hendrix fell into a horrid addiction to drugs and alcohol, although his day-to-day life was filled with excitement and adventure, Hendrix’s addiction consumed him. Unfortunately, on September 18, 1970, Hendrix was found dead due to a sleeping pill over dosage. The life of young Jimi Hendrix serves as perfect justification of Franklin’s argument. This celebrity had achieved monumental feats and changed the world of music; however, his excess of pleasure killed him. Jimi Hendrix paid the punishment of his superfluous pleasure with his life.

Although Franklin argued that too much of any good thing is bad over two hundred years ago, the truth behind his statement has been seen all throughout history. From the origin of the United States until 1860, America followed a recurring pattern of compromise. From issues ranging from government powers, to voting rights, to slavery, America was prone to compromise on every issue. Our great...
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