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Group Work

Using your own words as far as possible, Summarize the given article.

your summary which must be in continuous writing (NOT lN NOTE FORM), must not be longer than 130 words including the 10 words given (at the beginning of the summary)' and The summary must be typed using Times New Roman (12 font size) or Arial (11 font size) your printing must be in black.

Baed on the passage given, write a summary about

. .

why the education system needs an overhaul the suggestions belng offered by educationists and experts

Credit will be given for use of own words but care must be taken not to change the original meaning. Your summary must be rn continuous writing.(not in note [orm)



not be longer than 130 words, including the I0 words given below

Begin your summary as foilows:
The Education Minister plans to revamp the examination-based education system...

Eclucation Mit-tistcr L)ntul< Scri t-lishammuddir-r Husscln opcncd a l,andorab Box o[problems wlren he announcecl recenrly thar Malaysia's educarion s1;stem would shed its examinarionoriented loctis Ttr sceptics, his statement that the currenr system was impracrical, failed to assess rhe a new

capabiliries o[sruclents and was a burden on borh students and teichers, was merely

conulunicarirtn ancl reasoning skiIIs.

Malaysian stud^ents spent an average of 3.8 hours a day doing homework which was regarded as a "waste oi time." Perlraps the rnost damning indictment o[ an examination-oriented education system cottles irom ernpioyers, particularly multrnationals, who in recenr years have lourld sr-rbstantial nuutbers o[ local graduates r-inemployable because ol their lact< oi

dilfeling vieu,s A study carried out Lry a group of Australian principals and researchers founcl that .

Abdul Razal< Emeritus Prolessor Datuk Kh.oo Kay Kim, Professor ol Malaysian History says that the task o[ reform should. not be given to an officer just because he or she holds a PhD'froi11 a foreign nniversity. He added ttrat it is very important that rhe minister consults teachers who servfd irom the 1930s to the I950s, or teacheri who wenr to school during thar era. Khoo reasons thar rvas the qe19cl w!e1 Malaysia had top schools ranging lrom Penang-Free School to King Edward VlI and St Michaels Instirr.rrion which today u,= sadly;ordinary sch6ols',. Besides explaining the downslide oI former premier schools, this speciai breed of teachers woulcl also be able to recount rhe success of the two-year Speciai Malay Class system, which enabled Malay-medium srudenrs.rvho.joined English-rnedium r."o.rdrry schools to gain a proficiency in English "that was almost'as good aiEnglish-medium schoois.'1 Khoo add*s rhat "we nrusr.alwaysfall back r:n experience, not theoriei." He has long lamen?ed an education systern which "allows for only one answer" and produces strrclenfi who do not think bur memorise ancl regurgitate lacts. Khoo advises that ihe revamp begins with ieacher training as teachers are a crucial factor in nurturing a childs crearivity and Ihinklng skills. Khoo rec]alls ,l r.rl hls personality, ambirion unE inrerest, in life were shaped a,iringi-rir school days 1d 1 ,I:l at St Michaels lnstitution and the Anglo-Chinese School in Ipoh and Teluk Aison respecriveiy because he had sucl'r good teachers. lbrahim, in t.urn, urges the ministry to execure simultaneous reform in three areas cut'riculum, teacher education and examinations. He calls on reformers to bear in mindthar any revamp must be related to the philosophy of education itself which "is about holistic developmenr. relaiing to_mathematicai and linguistic inrelligence, as well as spiritual, musical and even ecological inrelligence." An,educationist_says the "implementation of recommendations bv the ministry has been parnfully slow," and wants "immediate changes." The revamp recommendationi included the...
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