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By | March 2013
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Food Journal
Rachel Johnson

Day 1
On piece of bacon
One scrambled egg
4 oz of orange juice
1 granola bar oz
3 fried chicken tenders
1 small salad
1 oz of thousand islands salad dressing
1 small biscuit
1 cup of pop corn
2 8 oz glasses of sweet tea
1 bottle of water
I was not able to eat lunch today so I replaced it with a granola bar. I should have taken something for my lunch. I at 2 things that where fried in grease. I also had no fruit today and little vegetable. I needed to drink more water Day 2

½ cup of chocolate malt o meal
½ cup of canned peaches
1 lg cheese burger
20 french fries
6 oz steak
1 small baked potato w/ butter and salt
1 lg salad
1oz of thousand islands salad dressing
2 diet colas
1 bottle of water
1 8 oz glass of sweet tea
Today I consumed a lot of protein and little fruit. I ate a lot of potatoes. 1 serving of potatoes could have been replaced with another type of vegetable. I should have drunk more water. Day 3

1 biscuit w/ jelly
2 pieces of bacon
1 egg fried in butter
1 4 oz glass of milk
1 ham sandwich w/ mustard
15 potato chips
1 diet cola
1 chicken breast
1 serving of mashed potatoes w/ butter and salt
1 serving of green beans
1 sm salad w/ Thousand Island dressing
1 bottle of water 1 8 oz glass of tea
Today I should have consumed more vegetables, fruits and water. I also consumed very little calcium. Instead of the potato chips for lunch I could have had fresh fruit or veggies. I could have also replace o1 grass of tea for a glass of milk.

Over all my diet seems to be pretty consistent. I do not consume enough fruit, vegetables or calcium. I drink sugary drinks and not enough water.

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