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[pic]BUSI 2208 Introduction to Marketing
Group Contract

In any group work context it is important to have some common goals and expectations that will guide the group’s interactions. The more you know about your group members, what to expect of each other, and how best to utilize the skills and expertise of individual members, the better the group performs and interacts. The process of establishing a group contract also reinforces the commitment that individuals are required to make for the good of the group.

In BUSI 2208 there are two group assignments – a case report and the comprehensive group project. Your task is to discuss and compose a short contract of no more than 750 words, containing the ‘ground rules’ for your group. Be sure to identify all group members including their complete names, email addresses, and student numbers. The group contract is a very important document. Your professor will request that your group bring your contract to any discussions you may have regarding contribution of group members (hopefully this will not happen frequently).

Your group contract should discuss the following:

1. Who has what skills, experiences, and knowledge that the group can draw upon? Do group members want to work in their area of strength or try to develop new skills? 2. If a group member is away on vacation or has work commitments, how will the group accommodate that person’s schedule? 3. If someone cannot be reached and it looks like your group may not complete its assignment on time, what backup system have you agreed upon? 4. What does each group member want to get out of this course? 5. What level of grade is the group aiming for, and is this goal consistent among members? 6. How will you accomplish the tasks necessary to complete the assignment? Will you work co-operatively, with each group member completing a separate piece of the project and combine your work at the end? Or, will you work collaboratively, with each...
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