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Dr. Jude B. Alon, 2000, Rabies: Bite of Death. Health and Home Dogs, however, aren’t the only carriers of rabies. The main carriers, experts claim, are bats. Rabies is also carried by cattle, cats, swine, monkeys and even human beings who had been bitten by rabid abimals. It is reportedly extremely rare in squirrels, rats, and mice. Dr. Jude B. Alon, of Davao based Mindanao Baptist Rural Life Center (MBRLC), advised dog owners to have their pets immunized after the third month when the animal’s body can already develop the antibodies for rabies. People bitten by their pets should immediately wash their wound with a strong kind of soap and water to physically remove the (rabies) virus before it spreads. He also advises one to consult the nearest veterinarian or doctor as soon as possible. Victims of dog bites in the dangerous sites such as the head, neck, face, fingertips and back should immediately be given rabies vaccine. He said that the nearer the site of the bite to the brain, the faster the movement of the virus. Rabies is caused by a virus which medical experts describe as “neurotropic” because of its attraction to nerve tissues. Once the virus has found its way into the cell tissue of a host, it turns into a highly prolific producer. The virus is transmitted to man by the bite of rabid animals, but doctors aver that it can also be transmitted with the saliva of a carrier host. Frances Prescilla L. RN, MAN, 2007 Public Health Nursing in the Philippines Rabies is an acute viral encephalomyelitis caused by the rabies virus, a rhabdovirus. Of the genus lyssavirus. It is fatal once’ signs and symptoms appear. There are two kinds: urban or canine rabies is transmitted by dogs while sylvatic rabies is a disease of wild animals and bats which sometimes dogs, spread cats and livestock. Rabies remains a public health problem in the Philippines. Approximately 300 to 600 Filipinos die of rabies every year. Philippines has one of the highest prevalence rate of rabies in the whole world. Schoenstadt, A., 2011, “Rabies”

Pre- Exposure Rabies Treatment; healthcare providers often recommend pre-exposure treatment for rabies for people in high-risk groups. These groups include: veterinarians, animal handlers, and certain laboratory workers, other people whose activities bring them into frequent contact with the rabies virus or potentially rabid bats, racoons, skunks, cats, dogs, other species at risk of having rabies, and to international travellers likely to come in contact with animals in areas of enzootic (affecting animals in a specific geographic area) dog rabies, which lack immediate access to appropriate medical care. Kumar, V, et al, (2010). Robbins and Cotraan Pathologic Basis of Disease, Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier Inc. For post- exposure rabies treatment; if an animal bites a person, one of the most effective methods to decrease the chances for infection involves thoroughly washing the wound and scratches with soap and water. In United States, post- exposure treatment for rabies consists of a regimen of one dose of rabies immunoglobulin and five doses of the rabies vaccine over a 28-day period. Doctors administer the rabies immune globulin and the first dose of the vaccine as soon as possible after exposure. Normally, additional doses of rabies vaccine follow on days 3, 7, 14, and 28 after the first vaccination. Rabies immune globulin contains antibodies from blood donors who were given rabies vaccine. The antibodies provide interim protection until an exposed person’s own antibodies develop in response to the vaccine. Cuevas. (2007). Public Health Nursing in the Philippines, 10th edition, Publications Committee, National League of Philippine Government Nurses Inc. Management and prevention are as follows; wound must be immediately and thoroughly washed with soap and water. Antiseptics such as povidone iodine or alcohol may be applied. Patients may be given antibiotics and anti-tetanus immunization. Post-...
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