Notes over Aquinas

Topics: Good and evil, God, Core issues in ethics Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: September 29, 2014
If we are perfectly happy we will have god in our presence and happiness is a beatific vision. Humans have deliberate will, which means they can make decisions based on reason rather than instinct like animals.

Wealth leads to all of the other things that are believed to be needed for happiness. Two types of wealth- natural and artifical.
Natural is like food, clothing, & shelter – the natural things created in nature necessary for survival. Artificial- money and cars, things made by humans

You can’t have happiness in health since you will die because of your health no matter what. Health doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Honors does not lead to happiness. Honor is what is given to us & moves us closer to happiness, but honor is extensic while happiness is intersic (I don’t know if these are spelled correctly my hand writing sucks). Happiness is intersic & since honors is extensic it means honors doesn’t give happness.

Fame & glory does not mean happiness. Fame & glory means someone is praised by the people and is well known, but it doesn’t matter how people know you. What matters is to be known by god. God knows you differently then everyone else.

Power cannot create happiness. Most power is imperfect. Power can be both good and evil, but happiness is only proper and good so it cannot be power. Happiness is man’s supreme good, therefore it cannot go with any evil. Then also, power is a principle, but happiness is the last end.

Happiness does not consist in pleasure (delight), but pleasure is a side effect that comes with happiness.

Whether some good of the soul constitutes man’s happiness? Courage and virtue belong to the soul, but it is impossible for man’s last end to be the soul itself. Happiness belongs to the soul but it must be obtained from somewhere else.

No created good (artificial wealth) can bring happiness. Happiness is the perfect good, but some artificial things are evil. Happiness is good that satisfies man’s...
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