Notes on the Impact of Globalization in Bangladesh

Topics: Globalization, Technology, Economic growth Pages: 13 (4366 words) Published: June 30, 2012
Letter of Transmittal

26 September 2012
Sayed Tanim Muhammed Tareq

Dear Sir,
I am pleased to present the annual report on the Globalization impact in Bangladesh. This report has been prepared to meet the requirements on the basis of reasons effecting Bangladesh due to Globalization. Our annual report is submitted in accordance with the provisions of the knowledge provided and shared between our team members. The annual report of this project has also been prepared in line with the requirements and guidance provided by our lecturer of “introduction to business”.

Yours Sincerely
Ibtahaz mehbub khan Tuhin


First and most of all we thank the Almighty Allah the most graceful and the most merciful. I would like to thank the members of my group for their guidance throughout the thesis process. Secondly we would like to express sincerer gratitude to our dear sir Mr.Sayed Tanim Tareq, Lecturer for guiding us through the pattern in succeeding this report on the “globalization impact on Bangladesh” We highly appreciate your contribution to our promising undertaking and confident that those who attend this presentation on “Globalization impact on Bangladesh” will appreciate too.

Executive Summary
Globalization can be defined as the on-going economic, technological, social and political integration of the world. Through the process of globalization the economic, cultural, social, political, and environmental interdependence level has been increasing day by day over the vast distances. However, the vast distances with the advent of science and technology have narrowed down to such a position that we consider the whole world as Global Village (single community linked by telecommunication and modern voyage diminishing cultural differences). The global village is the outcome of globalization. When globalization emerged in Bangladesh, through apparel manufacturing and exporting industries, the economy began to grow at a rapid rate. Overall the result has been a significant decrease in poverty in Bangladesh over the past decade. At first glance, this seems to be a landmark improvement doesn’t it? Yet this rapid economic growth has brought with it a strong gap in individual financial status. Secondly After globalization emerged in Bangladesh; women became the dominant work force. This is good right; women being allowed to work outside of the home? This could be true, especially in countries like the U.S. and Europe, however in Bangladesh it is not the case. Agreeing that working women in Bangladesh is a good step, would be a failure to recognize that women are being placed into this new labor category because they could be exploited more easily. Thirdly transformation that has taken place in Bangladesh because of globalization is the emergence of technology. The need for faster and improved forms of technological development is in high demand in Bangladesh. According to the National Council for Science and Technology (NCST), “Development plans of Bangladesh have emphasized science and technological research to develop technologies through adoption of imported technology as well as development of indigenous technologies and finally when globalization emerged with its global networks, countries started to pay more attention to one another. This attention was not merely to look for economic prospects, but also to help other countries that were in need. In the case of Bangladesh, globalization affected the country’s dependence in different ways, one of which is Bangladesh’s dependence on other countries for sanitary water.

Table of content

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2. Economic Transformations| 6|
3. Social Transformations| 7|
4. Technological Transformations| 9|
5. Dependence on other Countries| 10|
6. Recommendation i. Hopes ii. Concerns| 13| 7....
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