Notes on the Holocaust

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  • Published : December 4, 2010
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Question 1- When did the Holocaust begin?

I. January 1933- Hitler sworn in as the chancellor of Germany A. Whereas before it was only a plan (one which people though Hitler would forgo when actually in office) was now set into motion. B. April of the same year would see the beginning of Hitler’s implementation of such anti- Semitic legislation, starting with the prohibition of Jews from the Civil Service. II. November 1935- Nuremberg Laws enacted

A. Jews are now subject to a myriad of prohibitions, aimed at their disemancipation. B. Anti-Semitism takes on a legislative form
III. November 1938- Kristallnacht
A. 7500 Jewish businesses destroyed
B. 267 shuls burned
C. 91 Jews killed
D. 25000 arrests
E. Much legislation is made against Jews. They are now banned from public schools, cinemas, etc. F. The Anti- Semitism is brought out from the parliament and into the streets and homes of the Jews. IV. September 1939- Germany invades Poland

A. Aditionally, there is the outline by Heydrich of Jewish policy. 1. Einzatzgruppen
2. Complete census of Jews in Poland
3. Judenrats
4. General Gouvernment
5. A-B Aktion
B. Forceful, violent anti-Semitism is made into official policy. V. June 1941- Germany invades Russia
A. Slaughter intensifies.
1. Babi Yar
2. Mass ghettoization
VI. January 1942-Wannsee Conference
A. Defined and outlined the “Final Solution”
1. Mass murder is employed-institutional murder. VII. These changes both reflect a pre-determined policy which was being implemented in steps, but situations- both military and social- which were presented to the Nazis forced them to reexamine or restructure policy based on need or opportunity. A. Though much legislation was pre-planned,...
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