Notes on Rwandan Genocide 1994

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Rwanda 1994 - The Rwanda Genocide

The genocide itself lasted around 100days and approximately 800,000 people were killed (8,000 a day some estimates have seen this number rise as high as a million deaths, however, an official figure has never been released, 800,000 is the most common figure and is the one quoted by human rights organizations. The conflict occurred as a result of long standing tensions between the 85% majority Hutu (meaning servant) population and 14% minority Tutsi (meaning rich in cattle) aristocracy as put in place by colonial Belgium. They had since been removed from power in the 1962 rebellion and since then had been seen as second class citizens. As a result of this, socio-ethnic tensions had been greatly increased and were only going to rise higher.

History and Build Up:
Belgium colonizes Rwanda and empower the Tutsi population making them the aristocracy and suppressing Hutu resistance. However, before they leave they insight patriotic revolution by Hutus in the name of “democracy” meaning that violent clashes between the two tribes were not uncommon and lead to the eventual overthrow of Tutsi’s and establishment of a Hutu government, exiling many of the Tutsi aristocracy that they considered evil (1962-63). Come 1990 many of these exiles and those who had fled before being caught began banding together to form a group called the Rwandan Patriotic Front (hereby RPF), these were led by Fred Rwigyema, a Rwandan exile that had risen to deputy minister of defense for Uganda but was sacked amidst increasing pressure on the Ugandan government to not allow non-Ugandans into government and also banning them from owning land. It was this legislation that almost forced the exiles to band together and force their way back to the homeland. RPF invade Rwanda putting pressure on the government to remove the ethnic barriers between Hutu and Tutsi’s but France send in troops to suppress RPF which works and this movement see’s Fred Rwigyema killed...
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