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Notes on Plato

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The modern world requires an ethic that balances the material desires with spiritual ideals. A cave does offer shelter from the elements and is not a negative place in itself. However, being prisoner anywhere is an undesirable state. It is crucial to become self-aware and liberated. This requires the brutal reality that materialism cannot bring happiness. Once the individual embraces the truth that there is more to life than wealth, then he or she can go about treating others with kindness rather than as means to an end. When the person has been liberated by seeing the light, that person is free to build an ethic based on truth and not illusion.

The material regards all the physical entities which can be possessed. One might argue that having a lot of things is one of the keys to happiness. I believe that when it comes to happiness al though the material is important, the spiritual is fundamental. It is on the spiritual that the very appreciation of the material depends on. Let us take the example of interpersonal relationships. The other may be material in the sense of flesh and blood, but the relationship is fuelled by something else. Whether we like it or not, the material and the spiritual are strictly connected and man must find a balanced way to deal with this

American democracy is thus destined to allow mediocrity by allowing individual misconduct under the guise of attaining individual freedom, by increasing crime, and encouraging poorly or non-motivated citizens to thrive in this democracy (Wiessner 2006). The best form of government would be Platos concept of a Republic, which will treat rights and privileges as things earned through achievement and accomplishment and maintained by constant commitment and dedicated and voluntary service to society. A truly effective government should support citizen privileges of this kind rather than inalienable rights of everyone. Not everyone can be trusted with absolute freedom. Some people can and do endanger...

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