Notes on Interpersonal Attitude and Negotiation

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Negotiation, Win-win game Pages: 3 (593 words) Published: June 30, 2012
I. Interpersonal Attitudes
A. Other-Orientation
1. Other-orientation is one of the most important interpersonal skills.
2. Other-orientation communicates focus, consideration, and respect.
3. Ask questions about the person and encourage him or her to express feelings, thoughts, and opinions.
B. Positiveness
1. Positiveness is an upbeat attitude that makes a relationship pleasant and fun.
2. Perceiving and expressing things in a negative way can be draining to a relationship.
3. Watch the way you phrase things and the slant that you take.
C. Openness
1. Openness, or self-disclosure, is a willingness to reveal personal information and to admit how you feel about something.
2. It indicates a willingness to get close to someone.
3. It is most appropriate in close personal relationship.
4. Openness also means taking responsibility for your own feelings by using I-message.
D. Effectiveness
1. Effectiveness means learning to express your thoughts clearly and accurately.
2. Get to the point quickly, without droning or rambling.
3. Be sincere, so that the listener knows that you mean what you say.
E. Expressiveness
1. Expressiveness means sharing thoughts and feelings freely.
2. An expressive person is involves in the interactions, not just a spectator.
3. The degree to which you express your thoughts and feelings show the person how much you want to be involved.
4. pay attention to cues you’re getting.
5. Expressiveness is not appropriate in all situations.
F. Interaction management
1. Interaction management is the ability to keep an conversation flowing.
2. You can maintain your role as a speaker or listener, passing back and forth the opportunity to speak.
3. Don’t interrupt the other person
4. Managing the interaction shows your competence and your respect for him or her.
5. Watch the verbal and non verbal cues that signal when to stop speaking or to take your turn.
6. Pay...
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