Notes on Hotel Industry

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Overview of the company and the product.
In today’s busy schedule, it become very difficult for people in a metro city like Mumbai to full fill their regular food needs. Everywhere we find food joints, restaurants etc. But they take time for service and every where it’s not possible to find a place to eat which provide us with hygienic food. So thinking about new business plan we came up with an inspired idea of the meals on wheels food business. Here we presents” Gourmets” Gourmet means a connoisseur of good food; a person with a discerning palate. This is going to be a place for people who love eating food. Who love to experiment with new flavours and fun food. Here the food that u get is not only tasty but hygienic as well as just doorsteps away from your vicinity. It is basically a programme which delivers meals near your vicinity with a hygienic and quality food at a reasonable price. We deliver hot and ready to eat meals. The service provides wholesome safe and tasty food for all. It is the best choice for home delivery in nearby vicinity. Save your time fuel and energy by coming to our VAN. Our meals are prepared daily by chefs who take the utmost care in ensuring that the food is delicious and delivered safely to you.

‘To attain excellence in providing meal service.’

It will excellence in providing meal service enhance the quality and cater to evolving need of the community.

‘Customer satisfaction is the main mission of our business.’ To achieve this we stand behind food superior quality and know that our customer will be satisfied by the taste and pleased by the value.

Work during the breakfast lunch and dinner time mainly.
* Breakfast i.e. 9-11
* Lunch i.e. 1-3
* Dinner i.e. 9-11
Hygienic quality at reasonable price
We provide good quality food in an hygienic conditions
Variety in one platter
Our menu includes variety.
Veg as well as non veg food
We cater with both veg and non veg section of the comnity.
Party orders
Do you need to organize lunch for your next office meeting? How about a special event for your social group? Yes this is where we cater u with party orders. No borrowed capital
The whole business is set up on the own funds so there is no extra financial cost involved. Weakness
New concept and not yet established
Its a new concept for the area that we are targeting. Might take time in accepting by the customers. Low on coverage
As the area that we r targeting is low it is low on coverage. Lack of variety of food
We have options but not as much as in a restaurant or a properly set up food joint.

No competitors as of now-
As we hardly have meals on wheels procedure providing best hygenic food with variety of dishes and special offers ,no competitors are yet to be counted. Large number of crowd
As we are placing are vans mostly on corporate areas, there are people in huge number and not less than 700 job goers in an office, and so as they have regular breaks ,they mostly prefer food which is fast in delivery and which is time saving. Areas concentric business

This is a business where we are mostly concentrating on busy corporate areas and is opened taking into account the market demand,there are chances Focusing on expanding in different areas
We believe that over the next 2 to 3 years there are chances of opening up of new commercial areas and so accordingly we can think to expand our business, and as Mumbai is a place where people are busy 24x7 and so is their spending abilities rises, we have a great opportunity striking here. Threats:

The risk is high as there is no surety of the business being accepted by the customers. Local joints and office canteens operating costs is expected to increase soon. Increasing competition
We as of now have no competitors,on d same hand there are chances of high competition between meals on wheels and various other small restos and other fast...
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