Notes on End Ww2 Australia

Topics: World War II, Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Nuclear weapon Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: May 7, 2013
State of the Nation
By 1945 1.9 million German soldiers in the East fighting 6.4 million Red Army soldiers •250000 German Soldiers died

Once America Joined war (after bombing of Pearl Harbour in Dec 1941) Germany Attacked from 3 sides West, South and East •1945 Germany
Lots of Bombings – Dresden, Hamburg
By 1945 1.9 million German soldiers in the East fighting 6.4 million Red Army soldiers (Germany Invaded Soviet union in June 1941) •250000 German Soldiers died
Shortages of food and clothing – stealing Dead man’s boots •Young boys (14) fighting
8 may 1945 Germany Surrender (Hitler 20 April)

VICTORY in Pacific
After Kokoda (Nov 1942) defeats at Milne Bay, Kokoda, and Midway – force japan back •General MacArthur – Head in Pacific
Policy ISLAND hopping (US troops) – attack of important Japanese occupied Islands – US Bases established – bomb Japan •Aussie soldiers used for fighting NG, Bougainville, Borneo and other Japan held – oAustralian resented this waste of life Curtin wrote to try and change MACARTHUR idea 0- did not agree oCurtin died 5 July 1945 (6 weeks before end of WW2)

JAPAN refused to surrender –
Short supplies, no army KAMIKAZE pilots
JAPANESE fight to death – decision for Bombs.
In Hiroshima
German Scientist helped make it
HARRY S TURMAN (US president – demanded unconditional surrender) Japan - NO Military – Hiroshima 6 AUGUST 1945 – 70000 killed
Nagasaki – Industrial – 9 August 40 000 killed
Atomic Bomb – view video
Write NOTES on What atomic explosion would be like
Vaporise people terrible burns debris 200klms no hospitals or services to help Soviet Union threaten to attack also
15 August 1945 Ben Chifley announced end of WW2 1 million Australian celebrated in streets

Cost of War

Write a 2 paragraphs of Americans in Australia from 1942 – 1945 •1 paragraph initial welcoming reaction and why
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