Notes on Characters - Regeneration

Topics: Sigmund Freud, Dream, Prior probability Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Notes on characters
- Uses a sarcastic almost angry tone when he talks to rivers ‘Anderson exploded at last’. - Anderson seems reluctant to tell rivers about his dreams; hesitating before telling rivers what he was tied up in, and answering ‘no,’ straight away when asked if medicine is an issue between him and his farter in law. - He also sees the worst in rivers “That’s what you Freudian jonnies are on about all the time” - Anderson is a farther.

- He feels emasculated and embarrassed by his brake down “awkward situation really what do you do when a doctor brakes down?” matter of fact tone of voice - Rivers pulls from Anderson’s dream that he has a lack of faith in Rivers methods may explain why he is sarcastic and angry with rivers. - Anderson has knowledge of Freud and is a surgeon so is obviously an educated person. - Anderson has a fear of blood which poses as a threat for his job as a surgeon. Burns:

- Burns is clearly physically unwell as well as psychologically ‘his collar bones and ribs were clearly visible beneath his yellowish skin’ - Burns seems polite as he says he's worried “about upsetting other people.” - Burns had been thrown into the air by an explosion and landed head first into a German corpse. - Rivers was lost at how to deal with Burns case

- Burns is socially challenged, he doesn’t like contact with other people - He went on the bus and got lost up a hill and he’s finds lots of dead animals and arranges them in a circle round a tree he then undressed and lay with the dead animals. This shows that Burns is clearly mad. - Burns is clearly attached to Rivers he asks himself why he went back to the hospital and the answer was for Rivers sitting by his bed looking after him. Prior:

- Priors character is fictional
- He wants to return to war and cries when he is not allowed - Refuses to speak when we are first introduced to him
- Sister Rogers dislikes him and ‘it was unlike Sister Rodgers to take a dislike to any...
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