Notes on Apollo Shoes Audit Case

Topics: Balance sheet, Asset, Audit Pages: 3 (759 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Notes on Apollo Shoes Audit Case
Task #1 (Overview/Intro)
Go to the “Weekly Materials” folder and locate the “Apollo Shoes Files” folder, between the week 1 and week 2 folders. Under this menu you will find a file entitled Apollo Shoes Case Study.doc. This file gives you all of the details and evidence that you will need for the case. We will only be completing specified sections of this case as discussed below. Review the table of contents in the case document (page 4.) This will tell you where each section begins. You will see a variety of Audit Programs included in this folder as well. Most of the sections have an audit program related to them. Task #2 (Planning)

The planning section of this case can be found on pages 5-50. To complete this section, you will need to complete the following requirements: * GA-1, the engagement letter discussed on page 6.

* GA-2, the Audit staffing memo found on page 6
* GA-3, prior year review. Note that the description of this chart is discussed on page 38. Note that page 37 discusses going to a website to find some audit programs. I have included the audit programs that you will need in the Apollo Shoes Files Folder. These are for your review. You only need to complete the ones specifically mentioned in this task listing. Complete WPS A-1, A-2, and A-3 as discussed on page 42.

The rest of the Planning Section will not be completed.
Task #3 (Internal Control)
The Internal Control section can be found at pages 51-61.
Complete the Internal Control Questionnaire found on page 53, based on the information you find in the later pages of the internal control section. Complete the bridge workpaper ICC-1 described on page 59.

Create a memo discussed on page 60 (qualitative features of deviations.) Create a memo discussed on page 60 about the errors noted on pages 61-62. Create the bridge workpaper discussed on page 63 (template/format is discussed on that page.) Task #4 (Cash)

Locate the Cash Audit...
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