Notes for Driving

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When you become a driver you are part of the “system”.

This “system” is the Highway Transportation System (HTS)

3 parts to the HTS:

1- People

2- Vehicles – all types

3- Roadways

The goal of the HTS is to move people and cargo from one place to another in a safe, efficient, and economical manner.

How is the HTS regulated?

By local, state, and federal government agencies.

The federal government established the National Highway Safety Act. All agencies enforce the following guidelines set forth in this act.

1- Vehicle code – the laws that have been passed

2- Assure that these laws are obeyed

3- Motor vehicle departments set the rules to assure that driver and vehicle standards are met

4- Rules for the courts to go by for guilty or innocent

5- Engineers plan, build, and maintain roadways

The driving task

This involves all of the social, physical and mental skills required to drive.

You MUST develop habits to perform these tasks with low-risks results.

Habits you MUST develop:

1- Using knowledge and visual skills

2- Obey all traffic laws

3- Judging time and space

4- Anticipating how your car will react under normal and emergency situations


- You must be able to drive while interacting with other people

- Courtesy and cooperation make low-risk driving possible


You need to practice and develop the skills needed to drive, until they become a habit.


Decision-making is a mental skill you need to develop in order to be a safe, low-risk driver.

Developing the IPDE System into your driving.

I – identify important information in the oncoming scene.

P – predict when and where possible points of conflict will develop.

D – decide when, where, and how to communicate, adjust speed, and/or change position to avoid conflict.

E – execute the right action to prevent conflict.

There are two other systems that can help you in the IPDE system:

1- The Smith System – helps develop seeing habits

2- The Zone Control System – helps you manage the space around your car.

You need to develop the system approach to become a defensive driver. This will help you lower your risks and keep you and others from dangerous situations.

Your Driving Responsibilities


The privilege is based on the assumption that you will be a responsible traffic citizen and obey the traffic laws.


Your attitude toward driving as well as life affects your willingness to develop the habits needed to be a safe driver.


What is it and what causes it??

Breakdowns in the HTS.

These occur when any part of the HTS does not work well.

Collision – occurs when a vehicle has a problem and hits another object.

Which is more correct? Collision or Accident?

An accident is something that happens by chance… a collision is something that has a predictable cause.

The most common cause for a collision is…


Causes of deaths:

A major cause of vehicle deaths is… LACK OF EXPERENCE

Social and Economical Loss

Collisions cause social and economical loss by:

- property damages (p10)

- time away from work or school

- medical fees

- insurance premiums

Your financial responsibilities.

- vehicle related costs: fuel, maintaince, and...
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