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  • Published: October 13, 2013
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Graduat nurses should feel the responsibility mentoring and coaching should be a core competeant of core competent are . Coaching and mentoring are the foundation of prociding quality competent nurses, particularly at a graduate level. Mentoring coachin illicits effective decision making, collaborative administration of care and a relationship of trust. With those who are being mentored/coached. As a graduate level nurse mentoring/coaching are elements that are essential to mentoring issues and --------thins that need to be changed. Mentors/coaches monitor competancies building of the desires of a leader/coach encouraging and empowering individuals being coached to succeed in the task(s) at hand. Mentors/coaches helps to develop the skills that are required to handle a variety of situations. As indicated in the text------------“ Coaches and mentor’s are the key to the development of leaders of tomorrow and such tools could meet the acknowledged training and developmental needs of nurses, while expanding the role of senior management and their links with those who deliver patient services. As indicated in the text APN’s skill in expert coaching and guidiance will be central to efforts to redesign and transform healthcare system to become more patient-centered.The text goes on to say that teaching and coaching are recognized as core competiencies of APN’S By the time that one has reached the level of becoming a graduate level nurse, their skills and expertise are used to assist them in coaching and mentoring their preceptee, patients class or individuals willing ot learn form. The role that I decided to partake upon is that of a Family Nurse practitioner. As a Family Nurse Practitioner I may consider working as a diabetic educator or wellness coach if all depends. Ineith role I would devise/ascertain/assemble a skills fair that would be directly relate dot diabetes and health and wellness.With a skills fair and requiring return demonstration or verbal responses...
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