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* This thesis work is about a nutrition and health program for the ABC Bilingual School students from 5th to 7th. * The problem was noticed by observing that many students are overweight, not being well fed, whether they are being fed with not enough healthy food or with too much junk food.

* It is very common nowadays to see a student with overweight or suffer of compulsive eating disorders that could have been avoided with the right alimentation. * This affects their academic performance, growth, physical development and mental development.

General Objectives
* investigate if the high consumption of junk food in students from fifth grade to seventh grade causes overweight, illness and creates difficulties in their Academic Performance. * To study and suggest a right nutrition plan to help students and parents on how to choose the correct balance diet for a good nutrition.

* high consumption of food in students from 5th grade to 7th grade causes overweight and illness. * On the other hand: a result of right nutrition on students will develop physical skills, they will be more active, their grades could improve or maintain stable and keep their standard at school.

This study is going be focused on students from 5th to 7th graders and parents from the ABC Bilingual School. Geographical area: ABC Bilingual School, San Salvador, El Salvador Time: two months

Developing new thinking skills:
* thinking more about the process of thinking itself
* seeing things as relative rather than absolute.
* Practicing new thinking skills through humor and by arguing with parents and others.


Self-image can be challenged by body changes during puberty and social comparisons. With puberty, normal increases in girls' body fat can impact body image and self-concept negatively for many. Both boys and girls might be concerned with skin problems, height, weight, and overall appearance.


Friendships still begin with perceived commonalities, but increasingly involve sharing of values and personal confidences. Might develop cliques of three to six friends providing greater sense of security.  Antisocial cliques can increase antisocial behaviors. Romantic crushes common, and some dating begins.

* Teenagers unlike adults,
* do things without thinking the react impulseively and it leads to pubertal changes that soon becomes phsychological maturation

During late adolescence (ages range from sixteen on), adolescents have a more stable sense of their identity and place in society.

Calories that the adolescence body need
* The period of adolescence = time of very rapid growth
* high demands for nutrients and energy.
* The rapid growth period starts at the age of 10 or 11 for girls and at the age of 12 or 13 for boys and continues for about 2 years.

* many adolescents begin to have more meals away from the family * often resulting in poor food choices, skipped meals, increased snacking instead of regular, balanced meals

Bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa are the most common eating disorders.

* Bulimia nervosa is a disorder characterized by eating a lot and vomiting

* Cultural idealization of thinness = contributed to eating disorders affecting diverse populations.

* They feel guilty for not being "good enough,"
* shame for being overweight
* generally have a very low self-esteem.
* They use food and eating to cope with these feelings.


* children who eat a healthy diet will be able to concentrate during school * which means that they can take full advantage of their intelligence potential.

Lack of vitamin B:
* Leg Pain
* Nausea
* Breathing problems
* Weakness...
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