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A View from the Bridge
The author chose to write this essay in the form of a short story, describing a scene of a young boy fishing. The young boy asks a jogger running nearby for help finding his bait so he can continue fishing. The jogger complies although he doesn’t understand why the boy can’t find the bait by his foot. After the boy baits his hook, he immediately catches a fish. The jogger jumps in to help him land the fish. At this point, he realizes that the young boy is blind. He describes the beauty of the fish so well that the young boy can picture it in his head. Then, the boy thanks him and asks him to release the fish. Analysis of the text

In the essay "A View from a Bridge," the author, Cherokee Paul McDonald attempts to describe the world through words to a boy with no sight. McDonald uses very detailed descriptions of this account and in turn realizes that beauty is too often overlooked in everyday life. In McDonald's essay, he uses his experience fishing with a blind boy. While he uses first person, he also uses dialogue to explain what's going on. This allows the reader to get a feel for what's going on. Through the important interaction of the author with the blind boy, you are able to see the lesson that is trying to be taught. The language the author selects for himself and the little boy help the audience to see into their characters. McDonald uses short sentences, symbolizing his short temper and lack of patience with the boy. McDonald portrays himself as an angry and ill character, at the beginning of the story by having him shout phrases at the boy and cussing at the little boy when the boy asks for help. The little boy refers to McDonald as "Mister" and uses the word "hey" frequently to show the reader the youth of the boy and his innocence. The innocence of the little boy is shown when he makes comments such as ,"Would you help me please?" The author makes the little boy seem helpless and in need of guidance by having...
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