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(Rigodon de Honor and Highland Fling)


* The Rigodon—also called Rigodon de Honor—is a traditional dance from the Philippines that evolved from dances brought to the Pacific islands by Spanish settlers in the sixteenth century (the Rigodon dance was also said to be popular in French and Spanish courts). Historically, the dance is meant to represent a certain sense of elevated status among those who take part in it, and is often performed at galas, balls and other formal occasions celebrated by the rich and powerful, especially those in government.

* Girls wear Maria Clara dress
* Boys wear Barong Tagalog and Black Pants.

First Basic Rigodon Steps
* The steps of the Rigodon are meant to be performed gracefully and elegantly; participants should have excellent posture and complete their steps crisply and almost rigidly. * It has 2/4 time signature.

* In the Rigodon de Honor, couples usually stand in a square and each couple starts by facing the couple across from them. The couples move to the center of the square to bow and curtsy to the dancer of the opposite gender standing across from them intermittently throughout the dance. * The couples elevate and join their hands, keeping their hands like this throughout the dance, with the exception of the times they are bowing or curtsying to the opposite couple. They then perform a series of quick jumps in place before couples on two opposite sides of the square formation come to the center of the square to meet each other, bowing and curtsying as described above. Highland Fling Dance

-The Highland Fling is one of the oldest of the Highland dances that originated in the Gaelic Highlands of Scotland. Returning from a victorious battle, male warriors would perform the dance in celebration of their success. It was performed on a small round shield, called a targe. Most targes had a sharp spike of steel projecting from the centre, so the...
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