Note Taking Essay

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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Note Taking Essay

Over the past three weeks I have gone over and studied many different types of note taking skills/ strategies. But out of all of them I have chosen five that I think helped me the most and fit well in other classes. Those five note taking skills/strategies are: Hierarchies, Visual Mapping, Comparison Charts, Index Card Notes, and The Outline Note Taking System.

Hierarchies are diagrams that place the topic on the top line of a diagram with main ideas branching down from the topic followed by details branching down from the main ideas. You could use Hierarchies in math when you are having to solve an equation you can put the different steps in order under the main equation and that would be a good way to show how you worked it out and keep it in order.

Visual Mappings are diagrams that place the topic in the center of a diagram with the main ideas branching off the center followed by details branching off the main ideas. You can use Visual Mappings strategy in science when you are trying to explain the moon’s cycles. You could have the moons description and the moon in the middle as the topic and then have the its changes coming off of the topic and they you can have the description of how it changes to the next one coming off the main idea and those would be the details.

Comparison Charts are diagrams that organize information for two or more subjects into a chart or a grid with columns and rows. You can use Comparison Charts in English when you are comparing books or poems or two different ideas.

Index Card Notes involve creating three types of flashcards: definition cards, category cards, and question cards. You would use these flashcards as study tools. You can use the Index Card Notes system in history to help you study for a test or exam. For example you could put a important persons name on the front of the card and on the back of the card you can put what he did and when he did it.

The Outline Note Taking...
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