Topics: President of the United States, Philippines, Case study Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Case study

ECO 12
T/TH 9:00 ~ 10:30
Prof. Michael Angelo
P. Battung

Oh, Dong-Jin

If there is an election in the country, people would be really sensitive. Especially, this month there is an election in Korea. That’s why Koreans are giving attention to this presidential election because this presidential election has a potential to make a first woman president in Korea. I’m also giving attention to this election. Likewise, Filipino also will give attention to their election every time. Result of the election, one country’s future will be concluded not only future but also life of the people. It shows how important election is. When I asked my Filipino friends about the Philippine election, they gave me some ideas and it’s little bit different with Korea election. First, is vice-presidential election. In Korea, citizens are not the one who chooses vice president but president is the one who choose and also all heads of departments of government. Except vice presidential election it’s all most same. Second, process of election. All voting papers would be counted by people and I heard that last presidential election was the first election that voting papers were countered by machine but Korea started electronic election since 2006 and they counter the voting papers since 2000 using machine. As a result, people would see the result of the election before the 12 PM. Usually Philippines election takes a month. And there are lots of differences between Philippines election and Korea elections.

By the way, after I read this article I found some factors that influence election and I divided into two such as before election and during and after election. Since I had no knowledge about Philippines election and I even read the article but I still didn’t understand many parts so I asked my friends about election and they told me that before the election, many candidates would visit some particular region and houses where local people live. I was...
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