Notable Films of the 60s and 70s

Topics: Film, Horror film, Cinema of India Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: April 16, 2011
Film innovations of 60s and 70s and the movies that made them great. The history of film has made many of innovations and has broken new ground in many ways, from the introduction to sound in motion pictures (1923) to the general public's acceptance of graphic material in its entertainment. In this paper I am going to point out some of the innovations made between the 50s to the 70s and how film has become more graphic and explicit as the industry progresses. In 1960 Alfred Hitchcock directed one of his best films “Psycho”. The film is based off of the Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein. In terms of content, you can see how the film uses cinematography and trick lighting to keep the audience in suspense and pushes the envelope in many ways. In particular the shower scene, one of the most iconic scenes in film history. Although the scene shows very little gore, many say that is one of the most frightening horror scenes in film history. One point that makes it extremely iconic I believe is that the film is shot in black and white yet during the murder in the shower scene, the blood spray is vividly red on the shower curtain. By selecting the the suspenseful music and the extreme close angle shots and the use of the vivid blood and the alluring silhouette. Hitchcock was able to create one of the most stunning and suspenseful scenes in his career in roughly 73 takes! The film “Psycho” is seen by many as the turning point in film history, it represents a shift from classical film style and story line to a more post classical style with its unconventional story telling and unique photography and reflects the French new wave style. One other aspect id like to point out that was a relatively new innovation in this film was the fact that one of the main stars, Janet Leigh was eliminated early on in the film unlike most other films yet the story line still revolves around her. Swart.2

Another great film from the 70s is “Alien” directed by Ridley Scott which was...
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