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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Knights Templars
The Knights Templars were founded in the time of the Crusades (“Military Orders”). Their organization is filled with strong courageous men willing to do the work to keep others safe The Knights Templars with military orders founded in the 1119 (“Templars”). A man named Hugh of Payns, along with 8 companions, created the Military Order. The Knights Templars got their name from Temple Mount, the same place where there original headquarters of founded (“Military Orders”). Their main purpose was to guard Christian Jerusalem and to protect a safe path for the pilgrims traveling to and from the city. A change in Muslim rulers in Jerusalem caused it to be dangerous place for Christians at the time (“Flinn, Frank K.”). But with the financial and royal hope of Bernard of Clairvaus the group grew very quickly and became known as the most famous military order (“Military Orders”). Knights Templars were soldiers that were skilled at Calvary or Infantry and commonly came from noble backgrounds. They needed to be the best so they could to defend the pilgrim's. (“Military Orders”). I would also imagine that it would give them a sense of pride, being able to defend their brothers and sisters in Christ, and if one were to die in battle it would probably be considered a very noble death and one that others in the family would respect. Even though Knights Templars could be fierce warriors they could also be very respectable religious men. Knights Templars took an oath of poverty, chastity and obedience which can easily be compared to an oath that a monk would take. They were sometimes known as warrior monks. Along with all of the fighting and battles they had to deal with, they also had to keep up a certain amount of public worship each day (“Military Orders”). I'm sure being in a Knights Templar was very busy, time consuming task and something you had to take very seriously and be willing to die and also give up your life for. As they grew they were given...
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