Not Your Typical Paradise

Topics: Ocala National Forest, Ocklawaha River, Ocala, Florida Pages: 3 (1369 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Not your Typical Paradise
Everyone has a favorite vacation spot or just a place they like to visit to get away from the busy world. Some people would love to find themselves on a quiet serene beach, while others would rather go to a theme park and ride all of the thrilling rides. With its breathtaking scenery, relaxing secluded nature, and abundance of exciting activities, Ocala National Forest, located in the heart of Florida, is the perfect haven and vacation spot for all ages and personalities. Ocala is where my family likes to go for holidays, or even just a weekend getaway. Right in the middle of the vast Ocala National forest, we have a large, hand-built family cabin on 80 acres of land. Our family has been going to the cabin since I was a little kid and I have always found something fun to do all throughout the years. In Ocala there is never a dull moment.

The first reason my family chooses to go to Ocala every chance we get is the amazing scenery. There is everything ranging from beautiful foliage, interesting wild animals, clear spring water, and much more. I have seen a variety of animals such as beautiful deer, chattering birds and curious bears. One crisp morning, I woke up to a small fox and her adorable cubs playing and prancing cheerfully behind our cabin. They were so close that it felt like I could reach my hand out and feel their silky caramel fur. It is amazing to see mother nature up close and personal like I did that morning. Also, running through our property we have the Ocklawaha river, where we see a massive amount of angry alligators as well as many different varieties of fish and river plants that we can search for and observe. I never thought I would ever touch an alligator, but my uncle David caught one creeping up to our cabin and let me feel its leathery skin. It felt unlike anything I have ever felt before. If I want to discover new scenery, I just travel through the trails and keep my eyes out for rare sights. I...
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