Not Wearing a Seatbelt While Driving Should Not Be Illegal

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Not Wearing a Seatbelt While Driving should not be Illegal
In the U.S, the law for wearing a seatbelt states, anyone driving on the road without wearing a seatbelt will receive a ticket of $83.50. Everyone in the vehicle including front passenger and rear passengers must wear a seatbelt properly, also, if the passenger is 21 years of age or older, they will be the ones to receive the ticket. These laws were passed in 1984 and still are practiced today. I think there is no need for this law because it is violating American citizens’ rights to be free. People should have a choice of protecting themselves.

Before getting in a vehicle it is required to put on your seatbelt before turning the ignition. Some people are in a rush and forget to wear their seatbelts and continue driving. Since this miss thinking of procedures of driving they are pulled over and fined. Or someone who has a medical condition which would make them feel uncomfortable when wearing a seatbelt being fined for it. This is like a waste of time for the police to pull people over for something that only inflicts danger upon one’s self. They could use the time they put on pulling people over for seatbelts to pulling people over for things that will inflict danger on the lives of the other safe drivers on the rode like speeding, or using a cell phone while driving. The deal with wearing a seatbelt does no effect towards the other drivers but only to one self, so I think it’s an issue that should not be stressed so strongly if it doesn’t hurt anyone other than the person doing it.

Seatbelt use should not be mandatory because seatbelt campaigns spend millions of taxpayer dollars that could be used towards more important things, seat belt laws have not been shown to prevent accidents and it infringes on our natural rights. The money used to enforce seat belt laws could be used towards causes such schools and charities. We pay taxes, our taxes are supposed to go to the government to be spent on...
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