Not to Wear Fur

Topics: Management, Problem solving, Organization Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: April 21, 2013
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Case study
Q.1 Describe the structural problems HP had.
The structural problems at HP begin with the chain of command where there is no specific one, if there is a problem the employee needs to know how to resolve it; if he didn’t find a supervisor or a manager to solve his problem, he will not get the result that he want and the problem will still be stock so the chain of command is the first structural problem. The second structural problem is Management layers where sales person are too busy handling the management issue instead of doing their job and selling the product to customer (33% of their time with customer and the they are solving management issues). The third and structural problem is the most important one, which is the decision making problem, the decision making job in HP must come from top managers that’s mean that it must go thru all the chain of command, and with big and important problem that can’t wait for the decision to get from the top, the company will be in too much problem, the decision making at HP must be decentralized. Q.2 How did Mark Hurd decide to address his company’s structural problems? What do you think of his changes? How about the company’s executives and sales force? Mark Hurd decided to begin solving all the problems by analyzing which one is most crucial for them and should be solved first. The results were good at the time because he analyzed the problem carefully and chose the right solutions for it. When the relationship between the customer and the company become stronger with time and the customer will become loyal to this company. With a decentralized and faster decision making and less layers of management the work and solving problems will become easier for employees which will help them to perfectionist their job. Q.3 Would a more mechanistic or a more organic organization be appropriate for HP? Why? First an organic structure have a decentralized decision making policy, in...
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