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Topics: National Football League, American football, Philadelphia Eagles Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: November 20, 2010
Society is based on superficial things, which we categorize people because of the actions of a small percentage. The most disturbing and most common stereotype of sports, especially football players is that they have no brains, nor intelligence, and don’t really care about real world issues. The National Football League spends a lot of their time promoting their players in a different light, but this has yet to stop the usual assumption of a “dumb jock”.

Thanks to media, football players are known by stereotypes and not as human beings. Countless movies, books, television shows, games, and toys have been marketed in such ways that encourage these common thoughts. Movies and television shows such as The Best of Times, Grease, Horsefeathers, and The Secret Life of the American Teenager are sure to exaggerate the already incorrect thoughts about the typical football players. Books like Down with Skool! show football guru’s saying things such as, “I may not know much but I am jolly good a football” (Willans 14). A popular, modern, dictionary website called, defines football players as, “retarded assholes that think they have to be cool in front of each other by being loud annoying and rude; making themselves live up to the football jock asshole stereotype” (1). Starting at a young age, everyone is exposed to the damage that media can cause. It’s no surprise that stereotypes still exist in this day, regardless of their false merit.

A common misconception, due mostly to broadcasting, is that pro athletes are uneducated. This is an unreasonable situation since the vast majority of them have attended prestigious colleges and universities, and received degrees in different fields of study. A popular misconception is that the educations they did earn were in areas like Liberal Arts, or other general fields of study, which could not have challenged their mental capabilities. Another stereotype is that pro athletes received preferential...
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